Todas alterações

v3.1710.371#Improved: Added the link, on the sidebar, to open the "New File" page. This link also allow you to close the sidebar.
#Improved: the autoident algorithm.
#Fix: The sidebar won't blink when resizing the window.
v3.1710.363This is a huge update with a lot of improvements, but mainly the Dark Mode, new interface and a lot more... take a look There:
v2.1705.189#Improved: Logic of sidebar effect
#Improved: Swift and Visual Basic support
#Improved: Save button on mobile
#Improved: UFT-8 Support (isn't perfect yet, but it's improved)
#Fix: The error that made all files saved in just one line.
#Fix: Fixed issues with break line \\n and \\r.
There is minor changes that together makes this app better
v2.1.169#New: Formula Beta link to join
#Update: API to send feedback (to follow January Update on
v2.1.167#New: Added Swift and Visual Basic Support
#Improved: Navigation when ading new files (Next and back buttons now is going to be hidden).
#Improved: Blank page layout.
#Fix: Status bar, on mobile, doesn't showed the clock, battery life, and other things.
#Fix: PHP files now open as they should.
#Fix: WhatsApp and other apps, won't open Formula when selectin a new file.
#Fix: Some extensions didn't show ""Open with formula"" unless users point to it.
#Fix: Tabs name refreshing on every click (this is just a workaround for now).
There is minor changes that together makes this app better.
v2.0.114See the full changelog here:
v1.2.83#New: Json and Phyton support
#Change: All the code that interacts with file is changed
#Change: Now the webservice to send feedback is updated (it is now shared between all apps)
#Change: How the program find the language selected in AddFile was changed
#Change: Design improvements for Editor when any file is opened
#Change: Removed JQuery from the Editor.
#Change: The app now it will open only supported files.
#Fix: Enter key not working in Mobile
#Fix: Bug that won’t allow to open files with \
#Fix: Now is possible to open/save .c, .cpp, .htm, .html
#Fix: Saving new files won’t crash
#Fix: Now it show the language of the file when are saving it
#Fix: The app won’t crash if cancel to open a file
#Fix: The app won’t crash when canceling to save a new file
#Fix: it now won’t crash when creating new files
#Fix: bug that crash the app when user save an already saved file
#Fix: Several others bugs when saving files was fixed, and error was prevented.
#Fix: Changelog only opening the first version details, if you want to see any other version you should close the app.
#Removed: Hello World content
v1.1.62#New: Close all tabs button
#New: When closing files that isn’t save, it will prompt to you to confirm it.
#Change: The default location to save file is now Desktop, not Documents
#Fix: When changing tabs, it will not lost your work
#Fix: It will add only one * to the file
#Fix: Java and PHP auto selection in Add Files
#Fix: Changelog details
#Fix: Mobile View for the files is now resized as it should be
#Fix: The message saying that there isn’t any code yet now looks great on the phone. Also changes for desktop.
#Fix: When you load a file, now it will be selected in the tabs view
#New: Close all files from the Tabs View
#Fix: several bugs
v1.0.54I am fixing bugs, and here are the bugs that was fixed and what was changed.
#Change: It will now open the Add File pane for default when the app is open.
#Change: Now when you search it will whap the search back to the beginning when it hits the end.
#Fix: Now the app won’t crash when click in the search options or search.
#Fix: When add a file from Mobile View it won’t crash
#Fix: Removed Settings button
#Fix: Changelog date and visual
#Fix: Improved Go Back experience
#Removed: AppBar that only get you back
v1.0.51In this version there are one bug fix:
#Fix: The tabs bar for desktop was showed in the mobile view.
v1.0.50In this version there are a few changes:
#New: Now there is a Tabs View for mobile and desktop, try it!